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Anne Rajala appointed Chief People and Culture Officer

Etha Wind’s recruitment campaign in March was a success, as Anne Rajala was appointed as Chief People and Culture Officer.

Anne Rajala got a brisk start as Etha Wind’s Chief People and Culture Officer, and has now familiarized herself with company‘s personnel and activities with her sunny enthusiasm. Anne has a Master’s degree both in Science (Economics and Business Administration), and in Education (Class teacher), and has gained her work experience within Human Resources in a company in IT -sector.

-At first, I felt a bit nervous stepping into a totally new field of business, but the size and state of the company is at, caught my interest so that I had to take this opportunity. The starting point is good, that is, at Etha Wind it has been understood that it is necessary to invest in personnel. It is often thought that such a small organization doesn’t need its own HR, and that the responsibilities related to personnel are often the responsibility of f.ex. the CEO. People and Culture is a very broad area, and in a company of this size, it includes both operational and strategic activities. Versatility is the richness in this job.

-I tend to think that everything I do, should help employees to succeed in their work and as a result of that, the business will be more profitable. Etha Wind has grown in the past years, and I am happy to be part of the company’s success story.

Please join us in welcoming Anne to Etha Wind and wishing her the best of success in her new position!

Anne’s contact information can be found in our personnel page.