A leading sustainable energy consultancy

At Etha, we use our pioneering experience originating in wind power to help our customers seize the opportunities of the green transition in all fields of sustainable energy production.

Established in 2002, Etha has grown together with the field of commercial wind power in Finland. As pioneers in the Finnish wind power business, we have participated in planning and implementing a great portion of the wind power in the country. 

The key to our success has been – and continues to be – our strong hands-on expertise in project development. Our long experience in the field has also taught us all the characteristics of the Finnish permitting process.

From wind power to other fields

Etha was originally established as a general environmental consultancy. When commercial wind power was introduced in Finland in the 2010s, we focused solely on that area of business for some years. 

In recent years, however, we have grown our offering to cover offshore wind power, as well as solar power and energy storage. We now use our deep and hands-on experience of onshore wind power to help our customers seize the opportunities of the green transition in all areas of sustainable energy production. 

Ownership and group structure

Etha is a subsidiary of Etha Management. In addition to the majority owner, key persons of the company management own minority shares of Etha. Parent company Etha Management is also engaged in projects through subsidiaries Tuulikarhu, Aurinkokarhu, and Verkkokarhu.


  • 2002 Company is founded as a consultancy in environmental energy
  • 2005 First wind farm project
  • 2011 Focus solely on wind power, as commercial wind power has its breakthrough in Finland
  • 2021 Offshore wind business is started
  • 2022 Utility-scale solar power becomes part of the service offering
  • 2023 Energy storage business is started
  • 2024 Company name changed to Etha