Onshore wind power

Etha is one of the pioneers of Finnish onshore wind power. We have successfully participated in planning and implementing a great portion of the wind power in the country.

Onshore wind power is the heart of Etha’s expertise. We have been involved in the business since the breakthrough of commercial Finnish wind power in the early 2010s, consulting practically all important players in the field.

The key to our success has been – and continues to be – our strong hands-on expertise of project development. In addition to stand-alone consulting services, such as due diligence and feasibility assessments, we can take responsibility for whole development projects, from the initial idea all the way to the ready-to-build status.

Our experience has shown that in order to be successful, a wind farm project must be sustainable not only economically, but also from a local point of view. By working with projects that are landowner-initiated, the likelihood of success is higher compared to projects based on desktop studies. Our long experience in the field has also taught us all the characteristics of the Finnish permitting process.


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