Solar power

Utility-scale solar power is a new and rapidly growing area of business in Finland, where Etha has been a key player from the start.

As the price of panels keeps decreasing and electricity prices are on the rise, solar power has become a viable option in northern conditions. Drawing from our more than two decades long experience of wind power project development, we at Etha can take responsibility also for whole photovoltaic projects – from the initial idea all the way to the ready-to-build solar farm. In addition, we offer stand-alone consulting services, like layout and plant design, feasibility calculations, and transaction advisory.

Our customers benefit from our long experience of the Finnish wind farm permitting process, as the process is very similar for both wind farms and solar farms. As our customer, you also benefit from our electricity expertise, as well as our thorough knowledge of feasibility assessments.

The projects we work with are typically ground mounted utility-scale photovoltaic farms in a 20–800 MW utility range. The most sustainable option is to build solar farms on brown fields like abandoned peat bogs or industrial areas. We are also increasingly involved in cost-effective hybrid solutions, where wind and solar farms are built on the same area.


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