Offshore wind power

Finnish offshore wind power is in a very dynamic and fast-changing state at the moment. Leveraging more than 20 years of experience of onshore wind power, we serve customers pursuing to enter the Finnish offshore market.

Around 2030, a massive deployment of offshore wind power in EEZ areas is likely to start in Finland, as there are currently a substantial amount of projects in the pipeline. The legislation surrounding the offshore industry is currently taking shape and at Etha we are closely following the development as well as contributing to it.

Since 2023, we have cooperated with the international consultancy Pondera on offshore wind power projects. This means that you as a customer receive the best of both worlds; Pondera’s international experience of offshore wind power development combined with Etha’s experience of the Finnish wind power sector and our strong networks. We have contacts with all stakeholders in the industry, including both authorities and investors.

Etha has consulted several offshore wind power projects with, among other things, permitting support, screenings and grid services. In addition to offering individual consulting services, we also have extensive experience of taking responsibility for whole development projects, from the initial idea all the way to the ready-to-build status.




Åland territorial waters (MW)


Private owned waters (MW)