Come work for a leading sustainable energy consultancy

As a sustainable energy consultancy, Etha is strongly involved in the journey towards carbon neutrality. Our company is growing, and we are constantly looking for new team members.

Why choose Etha?


You will be at the forefront of fighting climate change and helping Finland become energy self-sufficient.

Career opportunities

As a growing company, we offer great career opportunities and the possibility to advance in a booming industry.


At Etha, you get to develop your skills. The training plan is made according to the wishes of the personnel.

Flexible working hours

You can choose when you want to work – we do not have fixed working hours.

Work environment

Our beautiful office is located in an Art Nouveau building’s penthouse in the center of Vaasa. You can also work remotely if you wish.

Employee benefits

As our employee you get Epassi, Comprehensive Health Insurance, Comprehensive cover for leisure time as well as phone benefits.


Sonja Telkki found a meaningful job at Etha

Becoming a Permitting Engineer has given Sonja Telkki a job with a purpose, workdays that always offer something new, and a workplace that does not stand still.


For Marko Ekman, Etha was a hidden gem

After a long career in the renewable energy sector, Marko Ekman ended up at Etha. For him, working with enthusiastic people in projects that are meaningful to our planet is a key to a rewarding job.


Jessica Dahlfors’ dream job combines law and energy

For Jessica Dahlfors, energy law was the most interesting topic at university. Becoming a Legal Associate at Etha not only meant getting to do what she loves, but also being able to contribute to a carbon neutral future.

ETHA-WIND-23-1259, Jukka

“At Etha, you get to challenge the balance of power in today’s world"

As a long-term employee, Jukka Rönnlund has witnessed Etha’s rise from a small, innovative pioneer to a leading sustainable energy consulting company.

Want to join our journey?

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