For Marko Ekman, Etha was a hidden gem

After a long career in the renewable energy sector, Marko Ekman ended up at Etha. For him, working with enthusiastic people in projects that are meaningful to our planet is a key to a rewarding job.

When Marko Ekman joined the Etha team in 2021, he had an almost 30-year career in the fascinating field of renewable energy behind him. A career that has included positions from CEO at VEO to CFO at an international start-up energy company. However, Etha offered him something completely new.

“At Etha, you get to take part in the very beginning of renewable energy projects. You see how ideas are born and how they are transformed into building permits”, Marko describes.

Working as Etha’s Business Development Director allows Marko to interact closely with other people in a field that is meaningful to our planet’s future.

“Meeting new people, brainstorming ideas with them, and building networks is something I really enjoy. At the same time, I get to work in a growing, rapidly changing field that develops energy innovations and helps make our world a better place.”

“At Etha, you see how ideas for renewable energy projects are transformed into building permits. At the same time, you get to work in a field that helps make our world a better place.”

Working with inspiring people

Marko’s work days include sales and a lot of negotiations with Finnish as well as international partners – both potential and existing. This means meetings with different stakeholders from project developers and investors to municipal decision-makers. He also takes part in business development.

For Marko, working at Etha has been an adventure. 

“I love coming to work. We have a great team and customers who are inspiring to work with. Developing wind and solar parks as well as energy storage solutions is exciting – it’s amazing to see how our team’s knowledge in wind power has given us a strong basis to expand our service palette even further.”

“What especially drew me to Etha on top of the interesting renewable energy projects is its peoples’ courage, youthful energy, and real desire to create something new. This is truly a hidden gem in Vaasa’s energy cluster.”

“I love coming to work. We have a great team and customers who are inspiring to work with.”

A workplace of low hierarchy

Looking into the future, Marko wants to participate in implementing Etha’s growth strategy further and be part of the success story.

“The people here have created a great platform for further growth – in just a couple of years, our personnel and service offering have grown a lot. Processes work well and things are done together without a rigid hierarchy, which makes sharing ideas and innovation easier.”