Jessica Dahlfors’ dream job combines law and energy

For Jessica Dahlfors, energy law was the most interesting topic at university. Becoming a Legal Associate at Etha not only meant getting to do what she loves, but also being able to contribute to a carbon neutral future.

When Jessica Dahlfors was studying to become a lawyer at the University of Helsinki’s Vaasa unit, choosing energy law as the topic for both her bachelor’s and master’s thesis was an easy decision.

“Due to the energy sector’s rapid development, there are often legal gaps or uncertainties when it comes to permitting and approval processes for energy plants and financing structures, among other things. This makes energy law an incredibly interesting field of study. It was very clear to me that I wanted to work in the energy sector after graduation.”

During her studies, Jessica worked as, for example, a Legal Assistant in the public healthcare industry. However, a little before her graduation, Jessica started her job as a Legal Trainee at Etha in January 2023.

“I actually met someone who was working at Etha at the beginning of my studies and have since wanted to work here. This is exactly the kind of job I have wanted.”

After her graduation in the summer of 2023, Jessica became a Legal Associate.

A job of many benefits

Being able to work in a field she loves is not the only reason Jessica has enjoyed her time at Etha.

“We have a great team here, and achieving common goals together makes this job very rewarding. I also like being part of a small organization – you feel free to ask anything, you always get help and there are clear guidelines.”

“We have a great team here at Etha. Achieving common goals together makes this job very rewarding.”

Jessica also mentions flexible working hours, remote work, and Etha Academy as some of the important benefits of her job. 

“Our own Academy allows us to take part in different courses to learn about new things, such as grid connection. Even though I primarily focus on the legal or administrative side, it is essential to understand the technical side of our industry as well.”

From technical DD to transactions

During her first year at Etha, Jessica has participated in many different projects in the Transaction Services team and has had a wide variety of tasks.

“Since I started as a Legal Associate, my main focus has shifted from technical due diligence and project agreements towards transaction management. I manage both wind and solar power transaction processes. This mainly includes handling communication between buyers and sellers, and sometimes also drafting transaction agreements”, Jessica describes.

“I manage both wind and solar power transaction processes as well as nine project companies on behalf of clients.”

So far, Jessica has represented sellers who own project companies that possess studies, permits, and other assets, contributing to the company’s value. In addition to transactions, she also manages nine project companies on behalf of clients.

As technology advances and the renewable energy sector keeps growing, Jessica is excited about all the future business possibilities.

“At Etha, we are focusing mostly on wind and solar power services, but have started to also look into other services we could provide for project developers who support the renewable energy transition. In addition, we have considered offering a broader scope of technical DD reports – including legal comments – to be able to provide our clients with a one-stop-shop solution.”