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EU Supported Development Project Concluded with Success

Etha recognized the growing need in the market for the development and offering of renewable energy consultancy and related service products. The demand led to launch a development project for the productization and development of services, their internationalization and the development of the business model and organization accordingly.

The core idea that started the development project, was the aim for a stable growth base and know-how resources. It was not only about developing the company, but also about transferring the responsibility for the supply and sales process of a profitable and sound business model to a new organization to ensure growth.

The project was named ‘SIS’ = Sharpened and Internationalized Strategy’ and main focus areas were as follows:

  1. Development and productization of selected products
  2. Alliances and cooperation networks
  3. Competence and
  4. Visibility

During the initial and planning stages of this development project, the company employed just about 20 persons. Now, at the time of concluding the project, the number of employee’s is over 30, and a new management and management team have been appointed. Etha has achieved a steady growing order base for the coming years and the market has expanded geographically, into new customer segments and new business areas, such as Solar Power and Energy Storage.

Marko Ekman, Etha’s Director, Development Services, acted as one of the main forces for the project. “The intention with the development project SIS was to take Etha from one of the major players on the Finnish market to the absolute forerunner on the Finnish market and a significant player in selected international market. The aim was that with this development project, all product packages (PPA, PDA, and PBA) could be carried out in-house. According to our information, this is not currently the case in the Nordic countries and it is very rare internationally.”

The development project was enabled through co-funding by the European Union. “We put a lot of time and effort into the SIS project, and it was actually a big team effort as the project involved the whole personnel. Now we can say that the project goal was reached: the service packages have been productized, and internationalization and alliances strategy has been formed. We have invested in personnel skills and management abilities and put emphasis on the company’s visibility. This was made possible by support of EURA EU Aluerahasto, a co-funding by the European Union. We are very grateful for having the support from EU. Still, even if the initial SIS project has come to its conclusion, the work continues.”