Jukka Rönnlund Returns to Etha Wind

We are happy to announce that Jukka Rönnlund will be returning to Etha Wind. He will work as the team leader for project development.

It is a pleasure to welcome back Jukka from another major player in the Finnish wind market. Jukka becomes the team leader for project development consulting on 1.9.2020, and will also join our management team.  

So far during 2020, our consultants have been involved in more than 2000 MW of projects and additional expertise is warmly welcome. At Etha Wind, Jukka will be in charge of managing the wind project development consulting team, and provide some hands-on experience to our due diligence team.  

Many of us at Etha Wind have learned the ropes of the wind business from Jukka, which is why it is especially nice to welcome him back. Both we and the market trust Jukka’s skills.