Långmossa Wind Farm

This project has been developed by using services from Etha starting from evaluation of the developers initial idea to the ready-to-build wind farm.

Långmossa Wind Farm, initiated by a local project developer, is located in the municipality of Maalahti, Finland. The wind farm consists of 7 Nordex turbines with the capacity of approximately 30 MW. The wind farm is owned by Ikea and operated by OX2.

Etha started providing development support services to the project in 2012 and continued until the investment decision in 2018. The wind farm is one of the first wind farms to produce electricity without governmental tariffs. Operation started in 2020.

This was the first project where we delivered our full-scope project development services. The scope consisted of:

  • Screening study
  • Pre-study
  • Project plan
  • Management of the permitting process
  • Technical studies (noise, flicker, ZVI, photomontages)
  • Management of environmental studies
  • Management of the investor finding process, including data room management, teaser, information memorandum and vendor DD
  • Detailed wind technical planning and optimization
  • Conceptual design of grid connection and internal grid
  • Conceptual civil design