A New Map of Wind And Solar Power Has Been Published

The wind power map we published has been updated. This year, the map also shows industrial-scale solar power projects.

As in previous years, the map includes both operational and under-development power plants and Finland’s wind atlas. Etha Wind has collected the map material from openly available databases and municipal decisions.

Due to the strong increase in solar energy production, it was also decided to include industrial size solar power plants in the listing this year. There are currently more than 75 solar power projects under development or in operation, and in addition, there are more than 22 solar power plants to be built in connection with the wind farm.

Wind power also continues its growth. In this update almost 90 new wind power projects were added to the map. There has also been more and more investment in offshore wind power, and currently there are already 19 offshore wind power projects in Finland.

You can access the map here.