WaWe Sailing Team competes in the World Championship – Etha Wind as a sponsor

The WaWe Sailing Team will represent Finland at the ORC Double Handed World Championship in July. The team has been preparing for the competition determinedly.

The WaWe Sailing Team, supported by Etha Wind, will participate in the ORC Double Handed World Championship on July 3rd. The teams will take off in Stockholm, go round Gotland, and reach the finish line in the Stockholm archipelago.

Etha Wind has been the WaWe Sailing Team’s sponsor since 2019. The decision to sponsor the team was easy for Etha Wind.

– As an actively recruiting company, we want visibility among the right target group. What could be a better sport for a wind power consultant than one where people make the most efficient use of the wind, says CEO Staffan Asplund.

Teams from different countries will take part in the upcoming competition. Michael Wahlroos and Oskari Alho’s WaWe Sailing Team is one of the offshore sailing teams that represent Finland. The team started training and preparing their boat well in advance to ensure the performance of both the crew and equipment as well as a safe race.

In the offshore competition, the team members sail around the clock and sleep in turns in 30 minute intervals. In addition to intensive fitness training, the team has practiced sailing in Sweden by circling the island of Ulvön in the High Coast. The route was 170 nautical miles long. The boat has been prepared for the competition with, for example, a new mainsail and ropes. 

Etha Wind wishes the WaWe Sailing Team good luck and fair winds to the World Championship!