Referenser – Lönsamhetsberäkningar

Order YearCode nameProject descriptionNo. of WTGsMW
2023AKWind farm feasibility based on LCoE, NPV and IRR63391,8
2022PU7Turbine Comparisons as support in Turbine Procurement, based on LCoE 20124
2022MKWind farm feasibility, NPV and LCoE432
2022KMWind farm feasibility, valuation calculation (Development Fee)48384
2022LKWind farm feasibility based on NPV12
2022PUTurbine Comparisons as support in Turbine Procurement, based on LCoE 22136.4
2021PLWind farm feasibility based on LCoE972
2021PTWind farm feasibility based on LCoE1296
2021POWind farm feasibility based on LCoE30240
2021PNProject Valuation, Development Fee849.6
2021LHWind farm feasibility, LCoE and Project Valuation calculation13.45
2021HSWind farm feasibility based on LCoE533
2021PU4Portfolio Valuation calculation, Development Fee73397.4
2020LXProject Valuation, Development Fee412
2020LOProject Valuation, Development Fee412
2020HK2Valuation calculation, semi-offshore project extension844.8
2020HK1Valuation Calculation of existing Turbine Positions, NPV Calculation312.6
2020NGProject Valuation, Development Fee, as support in transaction29174
2020SSPortfolio Valuation, Development Fee93468.5
2020PP2Turbine Comparisons as support in Turbine Procurement, based on LCoE 34210.8
2019RPPre-feasibility for an inside the fence solution, LCoE calculation14.3
2019PP1Turbine Comparisons as support in Turbine Procurement, based on LCoE 18104.8
2018MIFeasibility Calculation for PV-1.2
2018PA4LCoE Calculation and CAPEX sensitivities1045
2018PA3Calculated maximum allowed turbine price at different auction price levels1042
2018JSWind farm feasibility, valuation calculation (Development Fee)2292.4
2018PR2Portfolio Valuation, Development Fee 90405
2018PU4Auction Preparations, including calculations of LCoE, Auction Premium and Mankala Prices40224
2018FWPortfolio Evaluation, based on LCoE3241360.8
2018PA2Turbine feasibility comparison, LCoE and Auction Premium1053
2018MULayout Optimization based on LCoE62260.4
2017KPLoss of revenue calculation due to wake effects621.6
2017PR1Portfolio Valuation, Development Fee and Auction Price168604.8
2017SAPortfolio Evaluation, NPV Calculation90325.7
2017PU3Portfolio Evaluation, based on Mankala Structure62223.2
2017PU2Portfolio Evaluation, based on Auction Price66237.6
2017PU1Portfolio Evaluation, based on LCoE58208.8
2017HALayout Optimization, based on Premium Price and Mankala25105
2017JULayout Optimization based on LCoE943.2
2017HUAuction Price Calculation1252.56
2017KELayout Optimization based on LCoE2292.4
2017KMLayout Optimization based on LCoE66237.6
2016LAWind farm feasibility, valuation calculation (Development Fee)931.05
2016TAWind farm feasibility, Equity IRR and valuation calculation414.4
2016MVWind farm feasibility, Equity IRR calculation14
2016RDLayout Optimization based on LCoE124409.2
2015-2017FPPCustomer Specific market reports describing development projects in Finland, LCoE-10132.8
2015SBFeasibility for Feed-in Tariff Application412
2015KLWind farm feasibility, Equity IRR calculation929.7
2015PA1Turbine feasibility comparison, LCoE1050