Etha Wind helps the Finnish solar energy industry grow

Last autumn, Etha Wind started offering solar power consulting services. In half a year, the company has already taken part in many large solar projects – and the volume is steadily growing.

The popularity of solar power, specifically photovoltaic power, is growing quickly in Finland. Many industrial-scale solar power projects are under planning in different parts of the country. Lowered investment costs, better understanding of energy yield, and advances in technology that enable more efficient use of solar panels even in winter – these are some of the reasons for the increase in popularity.

To respond to the increasing demand for solar power expertise and consulting services, Etha Wind established its own Photovoltaic department in August 2022. 

“Our company’s long-term experience in the wind power industry lays a great groundwork for solar power business as well”, says Ville Kronqvist, Manager of the Photovoltaic department.

Multiple large-scale projects

Etha Wind develops industrial-scale solar park projects until they are ready for construction. These projects are carried out with some of the Finnish wind power industry’s largest players who are now venturing also into solar power.

“Our solar power business is off to a great start. During these past six months, we have been identifying suitable properties for solar parks and have already examined as much as 2,400 hectares of land area. The output capacity of the suitable areas we found would amount to about 800 MWp, Kronqvist states.

“We currently have five ongoing development projects across the country. We are also working with hybrid parks, where both solar and wind power are utilised”, he adds.

Etha Wind provides the whole service package from the solar park’s layout optimization and energy yield estimates to permits and connections to the electrical grid. 

“When it comes to energy yield estimates, for example, we can estimate how much solar power a park could produce and what kind of a set-up is needed to optimise the production.”

Solar power’s future looks bright

At Etha Wind, many new solar projects are under negotiation, and the project volume is growing fast. 

“One of solar power’s advantages is fast development – the permitting process is usually shorter compared to other energy production methods. In addition, the general acceptance of solar power appears to be higher than that of many other methods”, Kronqvist explains.

Finland has a lot of empty land appropriate for solar power, such as old peat production areas, discontinued fur farms, and low-yield fields. As long as the ground has a good bearing capacity and the electrical grid is nearby, the land is usually suitable for a solar power plant.